7 Online marketing strategies

7 Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Are you running a small business and you would like to reach a bigger target audience? There is an easy solution with online marketing. With the advance of technology creating an internet we cannot live without, more and more people are moving online in search of credible organizations to purchase products from. So, if you are looking to market your business online, try these seven strategies:

Use Social Media

Utilize Social media in your business. Many people are on social media sites for the better part of the day. Create a page where your audience can interact with you on a one on one basis. With this you can get feedback about the services you are offering and also get to know the needs of your customers. And there is really no better way to connect with people than interacting with them directly.

Content marketing

Content marketing is also another online marketing strategy that you can adopt. Come up with content that will convince your customers to buy your product. The content needs to be catchy but informative. And present well visually too. Which also helps with sharing on social media. Because these days, all the social media platforms are going visual.

Have a great Website

You should have a good website for your company. A website gives your company credibility. Ensure that all the information about your organization is included. This saves your customers time when they are searching for a product. It should also present your company very well visually. So don’t use a website with an old design, make sure it is up to date. And while we are on the topic, you should also always use responsive design. Which means it looks good on smartphones and tablets. It is also very important to choose a reputable web design company when starting your website, as it will help you make it great.

Start an Online Contest

You can also start an online contest. You can get people to compete for an award and this will help people learn more about your business. Remember the people participating in the contest, the more the number of people who know about your business. And ultimately that is the goal of such a competition. That, and getting them to like your Facebook page or sign up to your email list, so you can keep in contact with them after the competition is over. email get attention

Email Communication

Constant communication with your existing customers is vital and one of the best ways to do this is to adopt email marketing. On your website, you should include your email address and come up with strategies that will entice your customers to give their email address to you. From here you can come up with a newsletter that you will be sending out to your customers on a regular basis, to keep in touch.


Ads are important if you want to get your business out there. For a small fee you can advertise on online sites that many people visit for example Facebook. The idea is to capture your audience’s attention and if they cannot come to your website, why not follow them to the sites that they frequently visit? Then you can bring them from there, back to your site and either get them on your email list or to buy your products directly.

Post Pictures

There is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is also very true for businesses. If you are selling a product, let the people see it. There are many sites such as Instagram that allow you to post pictures of your products. Let the people get a look at the product that you are selling. Or even if you are sharing content, you can put up an image with text on it to introduce the post.   So there you have it, 7 online marketing ideas that you can use for your next campaign for your small business.