Optimize Your Website

Optimizing Your Website for Customers and Leads


Sometimes you have to dig a little bit deeper in order to optimize your website for more customers and leads. It is just not as simple as writing your home page and a few other pages anymore.

Nowadays you have to get your website set up to capture that incoming traffic and generate leads and turn those into customers too. That is why you have to spend a little bit more time on your website.

So in this post we are going to take a look at how you can do that with the least technical expertise but the maximum effect.

Capturing Leads with Forms

Thrive Leads PluginOne of the simplest and fastest things you can set up, with the right technology, is capturing leadings with optin forms on your website.

There are a whole bunch of tools that you can use to do this, but one of the best that I recommend for WordPress owners is a plugin called Thrive Leads (this is a great review which highlights all the features of this plugin).

Once you have  plugin like this, you can add optin forms to all of the crucial and highly trafficked areas of your website like:

  • Your homepage (sidebar, header hello bar, slide in, or popup)
  • About page (often forgotten but gets a lot of traffic)
  • Sidebar of posts (and the end with a “end of blog post optin”)
  • Anywhere else you choose

Popups or Not

You also need to consider how much you want to bug your visitors too. There has always been a lot of debate around popups, especially by usability experts. Why, because it annoys the hell out of people when they first arrive on your site to have to choose to read, or close this window which disrupted their experience.

So what else can you do? you can also add a slide-in, which the Thrive Leads plugin mentioned above also comes with. This means that a smaller window will slide in from the side at a more appropriate time (like the end of the post or page) and will not block the user from doing what they came to do, consume your content.

So that choice is up to you, but make it wisely.

mailchimpSetting Up An Email List

This amazing set of optin forms needs to store the data *name and email normally, somewhere too. And that is your email list, or email marketing software.

There are a whole bunch of choices again when it comes to such things, but some of the main players include:

But if you are just starting out, then I recommend you stick with MailChimp because it is easy to use and free. Something important for beginners, and people who do not have money to spend on Saas tools at this stage of their blog or company.

You then have to take a little bit of HTML code from your email marketing service, once you have a list set up, and paste it into the Thrive Leads plugin. It is pretty simple.

But in case you need help, here is a quick getting started guide from the guys at Thrive Themes.

Last Steps

Of course things can get a lot more complex than this, because you also have to set up your email auto responder and perhaps create an email giveaway so that people will sign up for your list in the first place. But these are the basic steps you need to create a newsletter and similar things on your website.

Then once you have done that, you will ultimately get a lot more people signed up to your list and be able to turn those people into customers over time with the right offers to them. Make sure they are related to what they want and expect, else you will lose them off your list pretty darn fast.

If you want more tips in this area, be sure to let me know.