Social Media Tools I Recommend

Social Media Tools

As a web design and a generally web savvy individual, I keep up with all the latest and great tools on the web.

A lot of people then ask me what kinds of tools I am using to go about my daily business.

So I decided to split up the answer into a number of posts on a topic each.

In this post I will show you what tools I am using for social media, and explain to you why I like them and how they can be of benefit to you.

The Tools

I will go over the tools in order of freshness. That is, the ones I mention first will be the ones I have just started using and in some cases trailing.

Mav Social -Visual Content Management & Social Publishing Software

Check out there website:

One of the reasons I started using Mav Social is that they have a unique approach to social media management, software and campaigning.

Their focus is on the visuals of the internet, so things like images, photos, video and the like. They offer a repository for you to manage your own media, to make it easy to share. Especially for a team.

On top of this, they give you a posting dashboard which enables you to create one basis post and then alter it and share it on the various networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and so on.

If you are looking for an alternative to all of the other social media tools, then they are certainly worth a look.

Buffer App

Check out there website:

Despite taking a serious look at Mav Social as I said above, I am still using my favorite posting tool – Buffer, on a daily basis.

I actually use the paid version for an individual as it allows me to buffer posts way ahead and not always have to worry about posting to my social media networks.

Buffer is really all about posting content and that is one of the main things you have to do on social media. You also have to do it regularly, and Buffer takes care of that with a schedule which can be linked to FollowerWonk from Moz, to see the best times to tweet.

The power of Buffer comes from the variety of content sources the have (rss feeds, recommended posts, posting from inside your phone on the web, quotes and images) and also the basic analytics they show (what is working on what not).

Mav Social also has powerful analytics, more so than Buffer, but it really depends what you are looking for.

Pinterest TailWind

Check out there website:

I am also a big fan of Pinterest for my social media, which is not something that Buffer or Mav Social can take care of well (or anyone, as the API is closed).

So for that I use Pinterest, mostly with their mobile application – iPhone, Android.

And if you register your website and take on the Pinterest Business version, you can also get some good analytics of what is working and perhaps why.

But if you want to take it a step further, I recommend you sign up for Tailwind to get even better analytics for your pins, and see who is following you, how many new followers, what is pinned etc.


So I hope you got some ideas for tools to use and try out when you are looking to save time and make more out of your social media.

Give Mav Social a try if you want an all around tool. If you want to just schedule a lot of content, Buffer is great. And as a lover of Pinterest, I can’t recommend Tailwind enough for getting an idea of how you are doing.

And if you have some other tools you want to suggest, feel free to leave a comment below.