small business website mistakes

Small Business Web Design Mistakes

There are a lot of websites out there that just are not working for their owners.

And in some cases, there is a very good reason for it. They do not have a clue about the big mistakes that they are making with their websites.

So we thought we would cover some of the basic mistakes that small business owners are making to help you understand what could be wrong with your website.

After all, your website is the key to online sales, so better not to miss out on that opportunity.

1. Too Much Advertising

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Unless you are one of the top 1000 websites on the web and have hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, loads of advertising on your website is not a great idea.

It not only makes your site look horrible, but your visitors probably are not impressed by it either.

And if they even bother to look at the ads that you are presenting them with (and hoping they click) then they are gone from your site.

Is that worth the pittance that you receive as a result from Google Adwords?

If you are making your fortune from ads, then please ignore this advice, of course.

2. Horrible Structure and Navigation

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The aim of your website is to lead your visitors, as quickly as possible to where they want to go (and perhaps as a side goal, where you want them to go).

That means that your menu and any navigation should be centered around the main things that you want a visitor to see on your website. And of course the main things that they are coming to you for.

This could be categories of information, or products or even your services. But don’t play hide and seek with your visitor.

Make it easy for them to get where they are going.

 3. No Fresh Content

Both the search engines and your visitors are always wanting the latest and best information from the web.

And it is our jobs to present it to them.

So make sure that your content is not getting too stale. You need to be adding new and interesting content on a regular basis.

Keep up with the trends in your industry. Introduce new products from your shop. Or whatever it is that is interesting in your niche.

But please add some new content at least a few times a month.

4. Not Hiring An Expert

Building a website yourself is very easy. The problem is that you are doing it without any background knowledge whatsoever.

That is like building your own house, just because you have seen some houses before. It does not always turn out for the best.

So if you are a business owner, and have a little bit of cash to spare, you should always get an expert involved so that you get the best result possible

Otherwise you will end up hiring one later to clean up the mess, which could be far more costly in the long run.


Hopefully you are now just that little bit wiser regarding websites and some of the common mistakes that people are making out there in internetland.

If you can solve all of the above 4 issues with your website, then you are well on the way to fame and fortune.


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